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If your over 40 and looking for a service that delivers amazing results.

Over 40s Slowing The Ageing Process

over 40s

Nowadays, everyone wants to look good regardless of the how old you are or gender.

However, when people attain the age of forty, several hormonal changes are affecting their physical appearance.

People over 40’s start to experience skin sagging and some wrinkles in their faces. There are various types of treatments applied to the people over 40’s to make their skin intact and continue looking much younger.

HIFU Melton-Mowbray is one of the most advanced procedures that have the Anti Ageing Service that are accepted in many parts of the world.

It is a non-surgical treatment that takes a few hours to regain the natural beauty of the client’s body.

Our clients love that we’re caring for their skin and bodies in the best way possible, offering them effective, safe and clinically proven treatments with long-lasting results to restore their confidence.

Skin Treatment for Ageing Service Melton-Mowbray

over 40s

After attaining forty, you will experience some abnormal changes on your body.

Most of the skin starts sagging and become dry. 

Most of the hormones released by the body decreases and this affect the healthy appearance of the skin.

Specialists advise the over 40’s to have the right cleanser and skin care products to maintain the excellent look. 

HIFU treatment enables over 40’s to restore their youthful appearance without surgical therapies in the theatres.

HIFU technology Melton-Mowbray is one of the most preferred treatments by various medical practitioners in many countries.

Since the treatment works on a deeper skin, the sunlight impact cannot interfere with the normal condition of the client’s skin. 

HIFU facilitates stimulation of collagen that is responsible for tightening the skin.

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Eye Care HIFU Melton-Mowbray
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As people ages, the eye keeps on losing the ability to see long distances.

When people get at forty, they start to experience some wrinkles in the eyelids.

This brings some frustrations mostly to women as everyone fears to get old.

The eyelids start sagging making some of the over 40’s to start wearing glasses to hide the wrinkles.

However, through the advancement of technology like HIFU Melton-Mowbray  the over 40’s have a chance to tighten the wrinkles and the eyelids to remain intact.

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