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Sagging sunken cheeks are common signs of loss of collagen and elastin within the skin. Find out how HIFU Melton-Mowbray can help you by contacting us today!

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Melton-Mowbray

How to lose Fat From Cheeks? - How can HIFU Help?


High Intensity Focused Ultrasound commonly known as (HIFU) is a methodology that is used to treat an assortment of therapeutic conditions and ought not be mistaken for particular ultrasound-based gadgets used as a part of facial aesthetics which this can show you how to lose fat from cheeks.

To date,  HIFU Melton-Mowbray can be said to be the main non-intrusive method that is FDA-cleared to lift skin on the cheeks, under the chin, neck and also on the eyebrow.

It is also cleared by the FDA to enhance where there are lines and wrinkles.

The ultrasound-based gadget fixes the facial tissues, lose fat, mouth and tone using thermal energy. The energy warms up the tissues underneath the skin, which empowers collagen creation and ensuing tightening.

HIFU Melton-Mowbray can help you fix your cheek up to your satisfaction and give you a youthful look.

Our clients love that we’re caring for their skin and bodies in the best way possible, offering them effective, safe and clinically proven treatments with long-lasting results to restore their confidence.
The advantages of treating the cheek region with HIFU Melton-Mowbray
How High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Work

A lot of people are insecure about their cheek region looks in general. It can weigh them down and bring up some self-esteem issues that are hard to ignore. HIFU is known to lessen the sagging of the skin, which are a cause of ageing.


This way you get that youthful look because they decrease the skin hanging on the skin, and diminish folds around your face. Working on the cheeks additionally enhances the tone and every one of the highlights of your face, for example, your chin, eyes and mouth likewise making it a practical other option to Botox.


After the treatment, most customers get a self-esteem boost which is healthy. It is also great for a post-cosmetic lift to keep up the lift. Every treatment session depends on the area being treated.


Your treatment is customised to your specific requirements which are examined in your pre-treatment meeting. Extra time will be needed if require more regions done but for the cheeks, it is swift and straightforward. The treatment can be done on all skin tones and types as well.

We care about you, the results you want to achieve and a natural long lasting effect. Call HIFU Melton-Mowbray today!